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Has anyone seen this error (Stripe App Fee)


I have been unable to find any documentation describing how to troubleshoot this error… Someone wrote that the error is being caused because I’m trying to test the payment from my own platform account but I tried purchasing from incognito mode so I’m unsure what the issue is here.

Edit: This error pops up during checkout!

The error is related to the application_fee amount, which can not be applied to any charges that are being paid to your apps stripe account; application_fee amount can only be applied to charges that are being paid to your connected accounts…this is because Stripe will not let you charge an application_fee to the application account.

To fix it, don’t send the application_fee amount when you are the one selling something on your site

So when in test mode, essentially all payments are made from and made to the same account? In other words, this application_fee_amount cannot be tested?

I ask this because I am creating separate accounts on my app while in incognito mode and this error is popping up.


The issue was resolved when I fixed the Redirect URI in my Connect settings.

let us know , if its another one selling a product as am an owner i need an application fee

I’m sorry I do not understand this comment