Stripe plugin: Unable to charge user and send to Transaction Payee with a Fee

Hey Bubble community!

I’m having a lot of trouble with the Stripe plugin – specifically to manage payouts to my connected customers via Stripe with the V3 checkout version.

I’m trying to charge a user, pay a different stripe account, and take a fee.

Here’s workflow action, where the trans payee is the destination account I’m trying to get.

And, I consistently get this error:
Stripe error: Can only apply an application_fee_amount when the PaymentIntent is attempting a direct payment (using an OAuth key or Stripe-Account header) or destination payment (using transfer_data[destination]).

When I remove the fee, I get this error:
Payee either does not have a stripe account setup or else has a privacy rule blocking access to social networks, which prevents this action from working

Finally, when I separate the calls to 1. charge the user 2. transfer funds to a new destination I get the following extremely helpful :wink: error:

Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error.  Please try again later.

But I’ve validated that the account exists in the test environment and that my test api keys are correct (was able to complete just credit card gathering with the V2 checkout experience):

I chatted at length with Stripe support and they say that it’s a Bubble issue – no requests are reaching them from thsi workflow.

Very much appreciate any and all help.

I had the same issues, and i know why, it’s because the Bubble Stripe plugin -Trans.payee’s user didnt have a ‘Stripe account ID’, so make sure the Trans.payee is connected to your bubble app and has ‘Stripe account ID’.