Having lots of trouble--used sign up pop up as profile edit pop up

I tried to take the built in signup/login popup and turn it into a method to edit a profile of a user. For reasons I don’t understand, I had to embed a button to edit that profile into the built in header that comes with Bubble. I tried to invoke it from a button on a profile page I created but when i associated a work flow to show the pop up element, the Show box did not have an item for edit profile pop up that I created. I read in another thread to put it in the header and seemed to work but I can’t hide the edit button so when people aren’t logged in they still see it.

Also when I successfully launch he edit profile popup, it always seems to overwrite what was already in the profile. In other words, whatever I type into the form or don’t type into the form, it stores it. How do I preserve what is in the profile --simply making text inputs editable without erasing the prior entry?

Lastly, I’m trying to use the multiple file upload plugin. I can’t seem to get the repeating group I created to display a clickable link to each uploaded file. All I can get it to do is display the file name and every new file uploaded seems to overwrite the other files previously uploaded.

Anyone want to have a zoom session with me to help me fix this stuff? $$$ I’m signed up for some coaching but earliest i could see someone is August. :frowning:

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