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Having questions link with database


I’m building an e-learning app where users will be able to login and access a couple of forms.
I would like to create a database for each form and have the users be able to review and make changes to the database.

Basically my question is like this:
On a page someone will be able to fill his “Company name” in a form, This name will be submitted in the database “Company > Company name”. When this user comes back to the page the initial content for the input field should be set to his “Company name” and he should be able to update this information.

I’m having trouble accessing the "Company"database using the ‘Make changes to thing’ action and setting up the initial content value so can’t figure it out. Hope you guys can help me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You don’t need a workflow action to put the company’s name into the form.

The element has a content or input field in its properties. Click in that, then click on the blue dynamic data popup, then build an expression to pull in the correct field.