Having trouble creating a mailto: link

I have emails that I am displaying on the page that I would like to convert into mailto links. I have tried several methods and can’t get this to work.

  1. Using a link, I chose external site and input mailto:custom state.email
    Link wouldn’t click to activate.

  2. Using HTML, I coded <a href="mailto:custom state.email">custom state.email</a>
    It kept adding a prefixed whitespace after mailto: email. This is not present in the expression builder, I double checked.

How can I implement a mailto link?

Bubble also has a built-in link and email recognition feature. To instruct Bubble to automatically link to URLs and create mailto links to recognized emails, check the Recognize links and emails box in the text elements inspector.

doesn’t this work for you?

Yep that worked! Thank you!

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