New Free Plugin - Mailto Links UI

Hey everyone,
we’ve just released a new plugin.

Add a beautiful UI to your mailto: links where users can select with what email program they want to send an email.

For a demo please visit:

Available for Free:


*The Ui is disabled on mobile devices.

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This looks really cool, thanks for it. Any chance you can do a little video demo of how to set it up on a page, step-by-step? I’m trying to follow the directions, but they’re super brief and I can’t seem to get it to work (sorry, newbie-ish). I’m using an envelope icon in a repeating group and I want for it to open a dynamic mailto link when the user clicks on the icon. As you can see in the screenshot, I put the element in the repeating group as well.

Can you share the editor link for demo purposes?

Sure, here is a link to the editor:

Is there a way to:

  1. Customize the UI?
  2. Automatically include a web link in the body of the email?

Hello Lewis,

no unfortunately both things are not possible.

Sorry, can you do a video of how to set it up on a page, step-by-step? thanks.

This seems to be a better way to do “click to email” (mailto) links: Click to Email in - YouTube

How to do a mailto on a link element at 4:35