Bubble.io mailto link

Is there a way to setup a action such as if the user clicks on an test@gmail.com it will open up there default email client.

I’ve watched this video and tried both the html version and the link version and it doesn’t seem to work.

It should work if you use a link element and mailto:your@e.mail as the target :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have mailto:parent group user email… the email is in a repeating group.
I tired both way and it doesn’t work for me…

Try setting the link to open an external website. :slight_smile:

Like this? That’s the way I have it set.

Try to set “Open in a new tab” :slight_smile: .

I did that it doesn’t work… :palms_up_together:t3:

I was able to fix the issue…

You have to make sure that the you’ve set your default browser.
On a Mac it’s…

Mail > settings > general > “default email reader” → done!

That’s always the case for mailto links. Otherwise, how would the OS know what to do. Of course, you can’t ensure your end users have set the default browser either, but a significant majority of users generally have…

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