Having trouble saving phone numbers that start's with 0 in database

Hello there!

I’m having a problem. I have a thing, called USERS (as any other bubble app)

Users, have phone numbers. But, this phone numbers, are not from the US. Are from Argentina actually.

So, regardless I set the field phone number as text or as a number in the USERS thing, when a new user, fills the PHONE input field like 011 1234 1233 it gets saved as 1112341234.

I really need that 0 for making calls to other states in my country. How can i make bubble to save the 0 that goes before the number?

Thanks in advance!

Because I use Twilio in many of my apps for SMS messaging, I started saving phone numbers but prepending them with a [+][countrycode][phonenumber] since their API requires the “+” – In apps users input their country code first, then I set a text (numbers only) field and limit it to a certain number of characters for the user to complete (so if US it would be +1 and then a 10-digit phone number). By forcing a “+” there’s never been an issue with retrieving and using phone numbers even those that start with 0.

I don’t get it.

here phone numbers are +54 (0XXX) YYYY the Y’s have different lengths based on each state. How would you do in my situation for saving them? I use aircall, and it does get along with this kind of numbering

That does seem to present a problem, you’re right. My bad for not thinking of that situation :blush: - You could still save with + prepended and see if aircall will read the numbers (no need to require a certain character length if you visually show people you are attaching “+[whatever]” to their entry). I know this isn’t ideal but it could work in the interim. I’m not able to test the “leading 0” bug right this second but I’ll report back when I get to it, that’s an interesting problem that definitely deserves attention. Have you filed a bug report? The Bubble staff is pretty quick replying to issues like this.

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