Undo Changes Button Deletes Pages and Reusable Elements

I’m not sure if I have the wrong idea of what the undo changes button is supposed to do and how far back it is supposed to go, but I assumed that it would only undo changes that were made during the current development session.

For example, if I open my browser, navigate to bubble, load my app at 1:00PM on Saturday and I make two dozen changes to one page that the undo changes button will only go and undo those two dozen changes I made starting at 1PM on Saturday and no further.

I just logged into my app, made some responsive design changes that didn’t work as I expected and wanted to revert back to the way things were when I first started my session.

After pressing the undo changes button until I could no longer (as it seemed all changes were undone) I noticed something really strange. My reusable header element was deleted. I looked at my pages and reusable elements and saw several other pages and reusable elements were deleted as well.

Needless to say I quickly pressed the redo changes even faster and brought the session to the point it was at before I started to undo the changes. Luckily this restored the deleted pages and the deleted reusable elements.

I assure you, I didn’t delete my reusable header element or any other reusable elements or pages during the session, nor have I ever deleted those pages and reusable elements that got deleted by using the undo changes button.

Has anybody experienced this before?

Or do I just have the wrong idea of how the undo changes button is supposed to operate?


This was previously changed in one of Bubble’s hackathons… I recently did the same and forgot they changed this too lol.

I still had a page deleted when I went to redo changes. Seems like there is some buggy behavior taking place, especially because I haven’t deleted the reusable elements or pages myself over the past week or so.

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Yeah that’s pretty odd, sorry that happened to you. Just thought I’d attach this to help with a bit of sanity :man_shrugging: :smile:

I appreciate that. Makes me more aware as I close the browser. I think I am going to start creating a save point every time I start a session and end a session from now on.

Just used the revert to time function and that restored all things except one page. Not sure why that one page wasn’t restored, and hope nothing else is broken that I can’t see at the moment.

I sent a message to support to ask them to investigate the deletion times.

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The “undo” function has been extremely bugged for me as well since it persists across sessions - so you’re not the only one.

Please keep this updated if you hear back from the Bubble team. :slight_smile:

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