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I need some help with something. I have a Group on my page and it has a bunch of buttons in it. I have them scripted for differant things. Is there a way to make it when I close the window (Not page) it resets the work flow in the buttons?

Not sure what you mean here. Every time you click the button, the workflow should already run right now, right?

Like currently when I close the menu (Which is a group that shows itself and hides itself when you upen it) I go to reopen it and lets say I open a settings menu inside of that menu when I reopen it that settings menu is still open in that menu.

What do you do to close the window/menu group?

I hide the group.

Have you looked at using the group focus element?

The workflow that hides the group, add an action that hides the ‘settings menu’ as well.

How does it work?

His problem remains

I already did what you suggested btw.

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Ya, that’s where I was heading, but then I realized if there are a bunch of groups in there, that could be a lot of actions to hide them all. I thought groupfocus might be simpler.

The problem with that is, you can’t have groupfocus inside other groups.

Hello, why you don’t use custom states?

Let’s say you have a menu i.e:

My account
Log out

And when you click some of those options, it opens another group that holds the options.

Well, you can create a custom state on the menu base. And set it text/number. I usually use numbers. Set by default 0.

Set the menu options group visible when the custom state is 0.

Do the same for the other groups; when group “condition” is 1, or 2, … turn visible.

And when you press on any of the buttons instead of show/hide just change the value of the custom state.

When you close the menu after hiding group action, set also change the custom state to 0. Which all groups will be hidden.

PS: If you need demo tell me.


Alright I will go give this a go. I’ll go test it.

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