Help Api connection with open data RDW

Hello Bubblers,
I’m new to bubble and looking for the possibilities.
Will someone and can someone help me to connect to opendata RDW dataset? This is a Dutch vehicle registration information via opendata. There is an extensive manual available, but I can’t figure it out! I would like a function in my app where I enter a vehicle registration number and the data of the vehicle is shown. see manual Socrata Developer Portal | Socrata

I’d love to hear who can help me with this!
Greetings Jarno

Hi Jarno, did you figure this out? Looking the build the same integration:)

Did you already installed the API connector plugin?

You have to configure the API with for example a get request to fetch basic information for a license plate. The license plate number will be an input parameter (text - private setting disabled) you can set the api mode to action.

You can pass the value of the field in which the user enters it’s license number to the api. When you click on the submit button you can trigger the api call in the workflow

thanks for your reply! I do have the API connector installed but kinda stuck at ‘Authenication’ , which method did you set it to? HTTPS Basic? And did you use the API key or the App token?