Help with an API integration

Hello bubble community. I am new to bubble and also new to APIs but am trying to develop a small app for a workflow process and need a bit of help to get something setup.

My security system is connected to which essentially parses video security images to read license plates of cars driving by outside my office. The openalpr has documentation on it’s API here:

I’m trying to do one of two things:

  1. Openalpr can send a webhook with data to a pre-determined URL each time it reads a license plate: In this manner I’d like to set up a table in Bubble so that whenever OPEN ALPR reads a license plate, it sends the plate data to the bubble database. From there I’ll know what to do with the data etc…

  2. When I create a workflow in bubble, I’d like to be able to query OPEALPR’s data. EG, set up a workflow to “check the last time Plate number xxxxx was seen in ALPR” , or something to that effect.

Since I’m new to both bubble and APIs, I’ll take any advise I can get. Also open to hiring someone for an hour or two to steer me in the right directions and help me understand some basics that I’m surely missing. From looking at the documentation it certainly seems like these things would be possible but my knowledge on the subject is admittedly limited.

Thank you for any advice!

From looking at the Docs I’d say this is your starting point:

“In addition, you must add a valid on-premises license to /etc/openalpr/license.conf”

It also sends a POST every frame it reads a license plate which they say can be 50 times per car in 3 seconds. That’s a lot for bubble to handle.

Goodluck! :smile:

Thanks. Yes I have the *watchman" already setup so the plates are already being read.

The application seems to either send each plate read which would be too much data as you pointed out, or the plates groups, which do a good job of grouping those 50 plate reads into one set.