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Hello and thank you for trying to help.
I am currently building a CAD/ MDT System and need assistance on making a delete workflow.
Below are some screenshots of what is needing to be deleted.

Debug Mode.

Editor Mode.

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Im not sure if i understand what you trying to do:

But in the case you want to delete a row of the repeating group table. -> Open the trash workflow > Delete a thing

Then just select current cell thing to delete like this:

If its not that what you looking for, try expalin bit better.


Another way you could do it is have a yes/no for deleted. Get this button to change this yes/no to yes. Then have a condition on your pages not to show up if deleted= yes. This means you can then get it back if it was deleted wrongly. I always delete the wrong stuff then want it back. Depends if you want a hard or soft delete.

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Thank you soo much!

Is there a way to delete it from the Database?

Already deletes it from db. :sweat_smile:

It didn’t delete it from the Database for me.

Are you looking in the ‘app data’ on the bubble editor? If so did you refresh your data? Or have you refreshed the page on your browser?

It’s fine now. Thank you anyway.

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