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Help: Errors on Google Map Element

Hi community!

I’m facing a “strange” behavior on map elements on my app. Simply put: sometimes they work just fine, and many other times they just don’t ‘show/load anything’ (gray color box). These are the errors the browser’s console shows:

Please be advised that even when is working just fine, the console always shows the first two error messages, when is not working, then it shows the last three you can see on the screenshot.

Have anyone has experienced this kind of situation? or if you might have any idea on how to solve it, I will appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

Do you have link to the page?

Hi, thanks for replying back. Yes, it is:

Actually I see the map. So it’s hard to find the issue. I may retry later.

But you should have a look at browser console. There’s a few error that may cause issue.

Yeah, check the original post. I just edited it, and paste a screenshot of the specific “Errors” the browser show when the Map seems not working. Let me know if you have any idea on how I can fix them. Thanks again

Are you using a plugin?
If yes, you should contact the plugin author.
I think that a part of the error may be related to element not loaded before the script is running.

Thats the weird part, I don’t have either more Map elements on the page app, nor plugins installed that -I believe- run the script. Here is a list of my plugins:

So you are using the native Map element? Maybe you can share the page element setting?

Or maybe you are using html element and your ownscript…?

Yeah, sure. Here it is:

Also, as you can see there is only one “Map” element in the page. And no, I’m not running any html script at all.

What I suggest is to make your map available (not visible, but condition to set it visible) when all other element related to the maps are visible. Also, be sure that the Search for projects is not empty to show the map element.

I think you should submit the error you get to Support.

Also, just be sure that you don’t exceed Google limits of calls. But in the console error, I don’t see any error related to that.