Help! How can I turn Bubble from a hobby to a jobby?

Hi folks. I have been bubbling on and off for around 4 years now, starting off in CAD/MDTs back in the day and now using my skills for more personal, real life projects. I’d like to think I’m pretty confident with Bubble and have some pretty good problem solving skills. In no way am I the best bubbler to exist, but I like to think I can build up a good app.

My strengths are definitely in problem solving, I’ve done a lot of work with APIs over the last couple of months trying to work my around the Google Workspace API, Disclosure and Barring Service and my current project revolves around the DVLA (DMV for the americans), in pulling information from their database and putting it onto my system automatically for streamlined fleet management. In my little area in roleplay way back, I was known for being the first developer to integrate a real discord bot (instead of a webhook) into my system, sending out DMs and interacting with users by adding/removing roles all from the system. The same was true for TeamSpeak 3, something I’d never seen done before or to this day (but admittedly I’ve not been checking!).

I struggle with my creative front-end but I can make a site look decent. I’m definitely more suited to building SaaS instead of front-end heavy customer facing platforms like landing pages etc. This is something I’d love to expand on, but I’m pretty stumped especially with not having many projects to work on except my own personal one - for which the UI is pretty basic and doesn’t really need to be improved massively.

I’ve done a few bits of work for friends over the past few months and have been able to make my first bit of money from bubble, but I’d love to turn it into something more streamlined. Perhaps there’s organisations where I could strengthen my skills whilst also turning this hobby into a job/side-hustle.

I know there’s so many people making Bubble a job and I’d really like to hear some advice on what steps people recommend for getting out there and becoming a better bubbler whilst being able to “earn while you learn”.

I’m based in the North West of England.

Thank you in advance!


Have you looked at becoming an agency partner/freelancer, with an agency like AirDev?

Join Airdev Partners

Hi Adam,

I’d never of heard of this before. I’ll look into it for sure!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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