PDF Security - Bubble's PDF VIEWER Plugins

Hi There !

I’m uploading PDFs to a “Private Thing” and trying to use “PDF VIEWERs” to see the document.
However, it does not open. I suposse it is due to AWS Password…

Is there a way to open inside Bubble’s plugins? Cause, I can open the link in my browser…
Here is a sample saved at AWS - Private Mode.:

I got this in Bubbles plugins…

Tks in advance.

Instead of a plugin try just adding an HTML element and do this:

    <object data="[put your dynamic file here]" type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="100%">
      <p>Unable to display PDF. <a href="[put your dynamic file here]">Download</a> instead.</p>
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Is there a way to see inside Bubble, preserving security?
Or opening the file without security?
Tks anyway… I was thinking about dowloading… but it is not the same :))


What I posted would put the browsers native PDF viewer (like the one you see in Edge and Chrome) in the HTML element and you can view the PDF inside your app. It falls back to “Unable to display PDF, download instead” if the browser doesn’t support it.

There is a good chance your viewer plugin is doing the exact same thing

So… we’ve got to download to make it work in a safer manner…
Tks !

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It doesn’t download, it just displays the PDF in the HTML element you put on page… but as long as you’re good then :+1:

My question is not to expose sensitive data in the internet…
As I understood, this way is pretty safe… Am I correct?
I did used the “link component” and is easy to do all desing with it… Also, opens imeddiately everything the browser recongnizes…

Yes that is fine

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Tks man!

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