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Help in developing a Saas project for processing PDF files from scratch

Good day ! I was tasked with making a Saas platform that would process pdf files, convert and encrypt them as well … Is it possible to do this on Bubble? What plugins should you use? I am new to using the platform

You need to establish what you mean by ‘process’. Are you proposing a document tracker/storage or do you need to read the PDFs and do things based on the content.

Without knowing what it is you are storing, I would suggest that where bubble can come in handy is replacing the process that creates the PDF in the first place.

Bubble can indeed act as the front end CMS, but a plugin or API would need to do the heavy lifting when it comes to logic on PDFs. Also, what is the need for encrypting, all data stored in a database is encrypted, it is privacy and access to the data that needs to be managed.

PDF Conjurer plugin can help you with that.

The exception is that it does not offers PDF encryption, that new feature could be built, but honestly it is super easy to crack a password protected PDF, so much that a teenager can do it in a day from their home computer.

The way security works with any kind of file in Bubble is by restricting access, there’s more to it but for example you can make it that only logged in users can get the download link of a file, or only specific users that match a certain criteria.

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Please check this plugins , may be this can archive your requirement

by “process” I meant: conversion from different formats to PDF, file encryption, text processing (its introduction and editing - as functions in word)

yes, already installed the plugin

I answered you in other thread, but if what you want is just file conversion, then PDF Conjurer will not help you, it will help you with creating a new file from scratch as the title of this thread says :yum:

Hi @voznesenskayaas! Take a look at the below plugins for Bubble apps, hope you’ll find the appropriate variant among them :slightly_smiling_face:

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