Make changes to list of things extremely slow

Hi all,

I have a workflow changing two lists of things, this workflow takes around one minute!

Step1 updates only one thing:


Step2 is updating 4 things

Step3 is updating 15 things


Can anyone explain why this is so painfully slow? And what can I change to speed up this process?


When developing applications (not just in Bubble), there are to primary paths for getting things done: events that happen on the page and events that happen in the background.

Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to move intensive processes to the background. (Ie. unless the thing needs to be immediately displayed to the user). That way, your user isn’t visibly waiting for the change to happen before advancing to the next action.

In Bubble, you do this through what’s called an API workflow. Based on what you shared, you should be able to fairly easily move this to an API workflow.

In the case of your workflow, I would expect that it would take about a minute (or more) to process through two search-based actions along with the other actions. With an API workflow, you should be able to move both search-based operations and the transactional emails to the API workflow.

Just remember that API workflow are only available once you’re on a paid plan (personal or higher).

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