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Help Me Understand Users and Repeating Groups

Hi, everyone:

I am new to Bubble, but this is the 3rd time I am creating a repeating group. For some reason I do not understand, I followed the same steps as I did before, but the result is now the same.

In data, I have 4 users in my list:

I set up my repeating group like so:

Yet, when I preview it, it only shows one record:

What’s happening? How do I get it to show all users?

Privacy rules are preventing you from seeing other users’ info

Then maybe it’s my misunderstanding of using the “Create an Account for Someone Else” action.

If you noticed my data table, the first two records are for the same user. I was testing the situation when a user changes his information including his login email. I only want it to add the user if he does not exist in the User datatable. So in this example, Alfred wants to change his login email, so I expected to see only 1 record for him, not 2. I tried a number of things with “only when”, but the result doesn’t seem to recognize existing users:

What am I missing?

I kind of just threw it out there that Privacy rules were your issue, so I would check the Privacy tab and see if the User type has something like “User can only see their own data” because that would limit that repeating group to only showing your current logged in user

This action is used to sign up someone else and email them a login link for example (notice it doesn’t ask for a password). But this doesn’t mean your current user would have access to that new user’s fields with the default privacy rules

The sign up action already has built in functionality to check if the user’s email was taken already, but you want to check for first and last name as well? Users can have the same name and Bubble can tell the difference between them

If you want to change the email then you can use the “Update the user’s credentials” action and it also has that built in email checking function.

If you really want to prevent the same name then your Only when statement should be Search for Users with a constraint First Name = [Input First name] and another constraint Last Name = [Input last name] then after the search do :count is 0

But even if a duplicate first and last name user existed, privacy rules could prevent that search from finding them anyways.

The privacy rules can be modified though of course to fit your needs but the default is like Twitter where users can’t just read all of another Users fields except for maybe their names

Or just delete the rule while you learn how it all works :laughing:

I see. This changes thing. I had initially thought changes can be made without in Edit Profile page/group, but I guess I really do have to create one for users.

Thank you.