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HELP: Navigation or Data error


I am stuck. I made a action when ‘ADD CONTACT’ button is pressed. I tried basically everything

Ok. Why can’t you just go as current user. Then in the destination page you can have a button that prompts the creation of the actual contact. That is if you are doing what I think you are doing. I sometimes get around this by having an add contact feature bring up a pop up which I can then create the contact in.


Thanks for trying to help me. I put Current User there but i still have the error

What is the type of the destination page?

The destination page is a page where they can add contacts ill add screenshots below to make it easier


if you arent sending data from one page to another such as: send this certain persons data to this page, then your destination page doesnt need to have a data type set. looks to me like your add contact page is searching for data. as long as your groups and repeating groups on the add_contact page have data types then delete the data type for the page and see if this clears the error.


It worked! Thanks alot.

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