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Good afternoon everybody, I’ve got a problem with the number one issue “remember to fill out data to send”, i’ve tryed a lot to put “current user” or “current page …” but it don’t want anything on my database! I need help, thanks for caring

That happens when the page destination of the link has a type of content. You need the data to send to have the same type. You probably don’t want a type of content for the page at all, given what you’re describing.

I’m facing this problem as well: an issue is raised for every link or navigation action to internal page that does not have any data to send. Then I get an issue for “remember to fill out Data to send”.

It happens in two instances so far:

  1. In a workflow that specifies that under certain conditions (e.g., when page is loaded and a search for a thing is empty), the action is to send the user to an internal page, simple as that: no parameters, just a quick an easy link, which is why “data to send” is empty.

  2. In a simple internal link that has the “data to send” field empty, even if it is sending more parameters to the page.

Would it be possible to either dismiss those alerts or to have a check box in the link interface and in the workflow navigation action that confirms that the link should NOT send any data, so the issue is not raised?

If I should raise a bug report, please let me know, and I’ll gladly do it. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance!

If a page has a type of content, it HAS to have a thing sent to it, otherwise the page will be displaying weird stuff. Now if your page would behave okay with a missing thing, that probably means the type of content isn’t necessary.


Thanks, @emmanuel! The page works fine because of the other parameter I use in its URL, so I’ll just ignore those alerts.

Well you’re going to have an issue to deploy to live, so you should fix this.


Just a quick follow up on this. I have a “Confirm Delete” popup that I’d like to use to confirm deletion of different things (from different non-related repeating groups). The only data I send to this popup is the current cell’s thing. The pop up receives this, does the deletion (or cancels if the user wishes) then goes back to the main page. With this setup though, I have multiple “Issues” as I haven’t specified what type of data the popup should receive (this is done through workflow when the user clicks a delete button in the repeating group).

Is it ok to ignore these Issues? Will this present a problem later on? The process works perfectly right now and saves me having to make multiple Confirm Delete popups.


If you want it to be able to handle different types, it can be set to “text” and send the unique id of the thing you want to delete, or send other text to identify the data.

Hi Mishav. Thanks so much for the pointer. I went ahead and changed the type for my “Confirm Delete” popup to text, and then modified the delete workflow for each of my repeating groups to send the unique ID to the popup. This cleared out all but one of the “Issues” in bubble. It’s now saying that I can’t use the “Delete a Thing” step because it must be “text”. There doesn’t appear to be a way to tell Bubble to “delete a thing where text = unique ID of parent”. Any ideas on how to overcome this? Feels like we’re close (got rid of 5 of 6 issues)

Hi @greenmerits

The workflow step “Delete a thing” can’t be made generic, the type of thing needs to be specified in the editor.

What you could do is have a “Delete a thing” workflow action for each of the type of things you want to delete, with a condition on the action to only run it if the type matches what you want to delete, or if a search for the unique id matches.

Hi Mishav. Thanks again. In going through the various options and how bubble works (rather…what it requires), I decided it was best to create a separate “Confirm Delete” popup for each repeating group in my app. While not as elegant as I would have liked, it seems to be the correct way to get this done cleanly.

Appreciate your help!