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Help Needed: Creating an Exam App

Hi Bubble Community :slight_smile:

I’m currently building an Online Exam App,
but are currently having trouble in the workflow and data portion of the app.
Here’s the scenario:

Are there people currently creating a similar app, or have experience doing such an app?
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to say without seeing how you have structured your app. You might need changes in your data workflow or design structure

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This is definitely the type of thing that is going to be way easier to look at than it will be to guess. I used to work for a company that made learning management systems, so I’m very, very familiar with how these things can be set up and structured. Without seeing how you’re currently set up, it’s tough to know how to help. If you could share a link to the editor (or post in the Forum app), that’d be helpful.

Come to think of it, I might actually recommend getting some Skype time with someone, I can imagine that 30 minutes of talking with a human will save you a ton of headache down the road, and you can make sure you understand the solution. Some things are just better with some face time! There are several folks on the forums that do this kinda gig, maybe reach out to @levon or others?

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Thanks for the recommendation, Andrew

@rucelvirata will be happy to help, check out this thread Private Bubble Lessons by Skype


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Off the top of my head and without knowing what else your doing…

You’ll need 2 data fields such as Answer1 and Answer_input. You’ll need a workflow on “submit answer” that compares the two data fields and make sure that Answer1 is equal to Answer_input. If correct a work flow will then increase the count by 1 if it’s incorrect you’ll then need to make a workflow to clear the Answer_input data field and bring up an error of some sort.

You’ll need a workflow on the check circles that when selected loads the given value into “Answer_input” and clears it self when its not checked.

This is a real quick answer as I’m heading off to University for the day but feel free to PM for help if you get stuck. What you’re asking for could be easily done :slight_smile:


Hi sir ac340v. Thank you for the response.

That is exactly my problem.

I can’t find a way to:

  1. Create data Answer1 (the correct answers)
  2. Compare that to Answer_input (the answer chosen by the user)
  3. If Answer1 = Answer_input; Score = +1
    else Score = +0

Additional problem:
Can Google Spreadsheets be used to store data (questions, choices)?

*Sorry if my description for the problem is confusing, I’m not actually a techie guy (learning to become one) :slight_smile:

Thank you sir for the prompt response :slight_smile:

Thank you for the immediate reply. Mr @ac340v said the exact problem in my case.

Here is the link to my project:

If no one beats me too it I’ll post a tutorial on how you can accomplish the first part tomorrow for you. It’s a bit late here so check back in about 12 hours haha

As for Google sheets I don’t think you can but there could be ways around it depending on what you’re wanting to do.

@rucelvirata you need to set your app to public or make a public copy of it.
@ac340v let’s see what you come up with

Okay so here is a working example (although primitive) it should illustrate what you’re wanting to happen.

There are 2 data fields that have been created named: Answers_list of type numeric and list enabled the second is Answers_correct of type numeric default value 0

From here you just need to use workflows to manipulate the data and display the correct information.

There are 2 main workflows both linked to the submit button. The first one looks compares the radio buttons value to that of the numbers stored in Answers_list, if it finds it in there it then modifies the current users Answers_correct field to + 1 and shows the popup box correct.

The second workflow compares the radio buttons value to the numbers stored in the Answers_list and if it does not find it in there it will then show the popup box wrong and does not increment the Answers_correct field.

There are some funny limitations to this which hopefully a more experienced user can help with and that is; I had to create the data fields within the current users this kind of sucks as it means every user will need a copy of the answer list (and why there is that button that says populate the answer list) ideally you would want to have a new data type containing a field with the list and just compare it with that.

Hopefully this helps!



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@ac340v, is there any way you can provide the link to the editor version so we can explore how you set everything up? With your current link, I am only seeing the front end.


Ah for some reason I cannot find the page anymore :confused: although it exists as the link to the front end still works.

If you enable step by step you can see the workflows in action.