Help Needed: Fixing Backend Workflow for Booking Creation in Bubble

I was a Wix member since O7. This past October they removed the billing/invoices collection w/out notice. It was a huge fuck mess. I found bubble looking for an alternative. I can not trust Wix to not delete my databases in the future. I wish I would of found bubble before we started making changes to the Wix site.

Bubble was easy enough to migrate over too but I am having some difficulties with a backend workflow using 300K+ workflows in a few hours. I spend most of yesterday researching where I went wrong. I purchased 200k WUs but the workflow ate those aswell. When I checked the log the only workflow mentioned is the create_booking so I’m assuming my issue is here.

My backend workflow is supposed to create booking for the client for the next 90 days. either once a week, every other week or once monthly depending on the services frequency. It is creating the correct amount of bookings with the correct dates but something is allowing the loop to run endlessly.

after a subscription is successfully created in stripe I schedule api workfow create_booking.
type of thing is date
list to run on is ListofDates A’s list of Dates. (start date is get b from url’s booked_date, number of dates 13 max, the number of dates, interval type and interval are all set by conditions based on the booked_service’s frequency)
api workflow is create_booking
scheduled date is current date/time
booking is get b from url (b is a booking)
date (list) is ListofDates A’s list of dates
count is the number of dates in ListofDates A
index is 1

In the backend api workflow create_booking

step 1 create a new booking only when booking’s booked service’s frewquency is weekly or every other week and index is less than or equal to count.
booked_date is date :item#(index) There’s other fields but they are all carbon copies of the original booking.

Step 2 Schedule api workflow create_booking
booking is booking
date is date
count is count
index is index + 1
only when index is less than count

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to fix it before i purchase more WUs. Thank you.

I would be more than happy to pay someone to set this workflow up for me.