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Workflow to create multiple dates until criteria is met

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to create a workflow that does the following:

I have a Thing called Dates.
Every User has a Dates field (which is a list of Dates).
When a user clicks a button I want the current Users list of Dates to be updated.
The workflow should create multiple Dates, until xxx criteria is met.
The first Date it creates should be current day/time, the next thing should be current day/time +1day, then +2 days and so on. The criteria could be “current day/time + 3 months”.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could walk me through this!

As far as I can see from other threads there is no way to do loops, although it might look like you found some workaround @NigelG? I didn’t quite catch how to do it though…

We can’t really do loops in the way the you are describing, but iteration is possible on a list.

So what we don’t have is the “do xxxx until yyyyyy” construct. I think largely because Bubble then has no idea how many times it might have to perform the action (or even if it will stop at all).

However you can “do xxxxx” for every item in a list using this …

So as long as you create a list of things, you can run workflows to create new things for example.

Thanks Nigel.
Well, I think I have to let go of my idea of creating a booking system from scratch.
I’ve found a great (but unfortunately expensive) system that has all the features I need - and full integration via API.