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Help needed - hotmail not working with app

Hey everyone.

I have just recently pushed my app to live and for some reason, when I signup a client to it if they are a Hotmail email, it will not work. It works with gmail perfectly and I am currently testing it with other emails too.

Any ideas?


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Hey @pattokane :wave:

Sendgrid usually has this issue with Hotmail and a few other emails. Sometimes with an MVP it’s not worth adding a different email provider. There are other options to look at though.

You can try using Postmark for more reliable emails. This has worked best for me. You can get $75 off when you are bootstrapping your startup. So it would be free for a while. Then it’s super cheap monthly anyways. Check it out: The best email provider for bootstrapped startups | Postmark

There are free plugins that already connect with Postmark too. Here is one example: Postmark Email Plugin | Bubble

I would also report it to Bubble, maybe with enough people reporting it, then they can switch to a different provider.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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You mentioned that in our last session, is that something I need to set up too?

If you use Sendgrid, it will most likely still have issues with Hotmail and a few other email providers. Postmark is a better option if you want to make those emails more reliable. :blush:

This one in the bubble plugins?

I stand under correction but I believe the problem he is facing has nothing to do with sendgrid. He is saying a user with a hotmail account is not able to sign up to his app

So I sign them up to the app but the email is not being sent to them.

So I put the email in my app and they get signed up that way, @J805 knows what is happening as he has been couching me through the building of it

ah ok cool

@phrase9 thanks for the input though mate :slight_smile:


You can try any of those that you want to try. :blush:

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We should all report on this to bubble, its been like this for the last 6 months.

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