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HOTMAIL can't sign up with Bubble apps

As others have posted, email address with hotmail can’t sign up with Bubble apps. No email will be sent to the registerer, it’s actually been like this for the last 6 months, Bubble will be perfect if you guys fix this problem.

There are just too many hotmail users in this world.

Thanks beforehand

Hi there @ambivalent.corp,

I’d recommend switching over to Postmark. I doubt this will be prioritized, but maybe send in a bug report to

@nickc, any idea if Bubble will move away from Sendgrid— the deliverability is really bad.

As I have not finished my app yet, I would like to know: Do I understand correctly that if a potential app user of my app has a hotmail email, he or she would not be able to sign up to my app with that hotmail email address?

Hi there @phrase9,

If you’re using Sendgrid, there’s a chance that with their bad deliverability that they won’t receive any emails from your app.

I recommend using Postmark instead.

Thank you. What I mean though, is sendgrid and postmark aside, on the basic level, are users with hotmail accounts able to sign up as users of an app?

Yes, they can

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Nope, Johnny is wrong, on the basic level they have great chance not receiving the email from your app, this is why I have posted.

You guys are confusing me now. Assume that my users don’t need to confirm their emails and that I do not use Postmark or Sendgrid or Mailchimp or anything else. Can a person who has a hotmail account sign up and sign in as a user to an app I create or can they not?

Yes, they can sign up. The other members are just highlighting that, without a dedicated IP, SendGrid might fail to deliver emails to those users. Based on your question, since you do not intend to require email verification, the answer is yes, they can sign up with any email.

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Thank you. I didn’t mean to hijack this thread, and will of course need to have members verify but I have not gotten to that stage yet and want to make sure I understand the issue being addressed in this thread properly. So its not a Bubble issue but rather a third party, namely Sendgrid issue from what I have understood. Had it been a Bubble issue, that would have been a major concern to me.

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Yeah it’s a sendgrid issue. Unless you use your own verified IP, you are pooled in IPs that may be blacklisted and have poor deliverability. This is likely true with many other email providers, though I haven’t tried any of the others.

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STILL NOPE, don’t get confused by gbenchanoch I’m not receiving any emails from Bubble when I try to sign up in my app with Hotmail with the default environment(no Sendgrid nor any plugins and mail services), not even in the junk box, with Gmail I receive just fine. That’s a known issue since I started using bubble like 6 months ago.

Someone said that Bubble’s credential in Microsoft is very poor as this NoCode app environment is super easy to create a system to spread malware.

Having said all that, it’s easy to set up and make a test environment, see this bug with your own eyes.

I think you’re mistaken by @phrase9’s question. I believe what they mean is if the sign up action works with hotmail/outlook/Microsoft owned emails services, and the answer to that is yes it does.

You might not receive any emails from Bubble because they, themselves use Sendgrid which has poor deliverability.

As @johnny said, the question was not regarding emails. However, to discuss your email issues… Did you double check that the email that was used was entered correctly? I’ve had a few users type their emails incorrectly. I use a dedicated IP so I have pretty good deliverability with SendGrid.

Hi Gben. When you say dedicated IP, do you mean your own domain name?

Here is a good resource about dedicated IPs:

Essentially, certain IPs have “reputations” that email services check against. If you’re on a cheap email plan, you’re thrown in a pool with many other users and your IP changes constantly. You could get some with better or worse reputations. A dedicated IP is just yours and you develop your own reputation.

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I believe Sendgrid has their dedicated IPs available on one of their higher plans and then you need to pay an additional fee for the actual dedicated IP.

I recommend using Postmark instead, their shared servers ($10/mo) provide good deliverability by itself— maybe @bettina from postmark can talk more about how their deliverability differs from sendgrid


Thanks. Will have a look at Postmark.

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Hello @ambivalent.corp @phrase9 ,

This issue is ongoing; yahoo, AOL & hotmail email accounts may experience failure or delayed delivery. This, of course. can impact new user sign-up confirmations, notifications & password resets.

Bubble customer service’s only response was: “This is actually a known behavior with the way certain email servers like Hotmail and Outlook handle emails that come from Bubble’s IPs. At this time, we are limited in the actions we can take on our end to address this behavior as the security block is coming from the receiving end, and because our native “send email” feature is processed via SendGrid. The best possible workaround for this is to ask users with those impacted email clients to whitelist your Bubble app’s domain with their email account to ensure that the emails are received”

However, you may no longer experience these email delivery issues once you switch to a custom domain & use your own custom Sendgrid key in Settings.


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