[Help needed] Reusable Element

Dear all

I want to adjust the Header and when I am choosing in the workflow “show element”, the list which appear does not show all reusable elements. Does anyone know why this is the case?

Many thanks in advance,

Could you give a little more detail about what you’re trying to change? If there’s a reusable element inside of the Header (which is also a reusable element), that might not appear as an option if you’re not already inside of the Header reusable’s page.


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Hi Kevin

Thank you for your answer.
I want to change the properties of the Header (which is indeed a reusable element) by changing the workflow “if Button is clicked”, “Show”, “reusable element”…however, the reusable element that I want to select does not appear in the list (other reusable elements do for some reason…).

Hope this makes it a bit more clear?!


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