Help needed urgently! App breaking bug

Hi all,

I urgently need help resolving a bug in my editor that has been preventing me from using certain pages for more than a week now. I receive the following error message when I click on any tabs on some of the pages in my editor (most pages work 100%).

I have removed all plugins already as I thought it could be one of the plugins that’s affecting the system, but the problem still exists. I have a couple of html elements on these pages but can’t even delete anything on these pages as it freezes as soon as I click on anything. I am not sure if there’s code in the app or page headers that I am overlooking.

I need someone to please view my editor and try to identify the bug. I will add you as a collaborator.

These are the errors identified in the console

There appears to be a JS file associated with “instascan” which seems to be a QR code reader. If you can locate where that file is being loaded, it might be a step in the right direction.

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