Help: Only show dates X number of days from START DATE

EDIT: As is the way, I figured this out less than 2 minutes after posting. I’ll add the solution into a reply to this thread in the hope that it helps someone.

I’m trying to narrow results in a repeating group. I’d like the following constraints on a repeating group:

Only show Start Dates that are within X days from current date/time

X days is decided by the person who creates a listing. This is saved within a number field called ‘Unlimited days’. I’ve tried to create a few different filters on the RG:

Example: Start Date < Parent Group Listing’s Unlimited days from current date/time.

However, I can’t do the ‘from current date/time’ in this case, and I’m also not including the actual +(days): source. I changed things round and tried to use an ‘Advanced:’ constraint, but I still can’t it working.

Here’s an image of a couple of attempts. Note that I’m not using +(days): here, and I definitely should (but I couldn’t fit it in!).

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

OK, so I did the following Advanced constraint to solve the problem.

Advanced: Current date/time +(days): Parent group’s Listing’s Unlimited days > ThisCalendarScheduling’s StartDate.

Works a treat! :slight_smile:

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