Show only past 7 days in drop down selection


I saw this post ’ How do I create a repeating group that only shows things with dates in the past 14 days?
and i tried the expression but it did not work for me.

I have a repeating group filtered by a drop down however I cannot get it to resolve to only show data for the past seven days. When I input the expression Current date/time +(days): -7, the screen goes black (no data in the repeating group). Please see attached screenshot. Ideally I want the drop down to only allow 7 days which can be selected from to filter the repeating group.


date ≥ current date/time +(days): -7

(you might want to round the current date/time down to day first, depending on exactly what data you want to see)…

Also, again depending on what kind of data it is, you might need a second constraint so as not to show items who’s date is in the future.

date < current date/time

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Thanks Adam!

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