HELP: Plaid Integration Plugin by Copilot


I’m trying to integrate the Plaid plugin by Copilot and have run into the following error after watching the videos and implementing. I’m not sure what I am missing and I have watched the videos over and over again and can’t seem to find the solution.

This is my workflow

This is the error the plugin shows when run the app and click the button “sync bank account”.

Two thoughts:

  1. The problem you’re running into is with the plugin code itself; Copilot would have to help you, and I hear that can be tough or that they charge for such advice. If you want to try a competing plugin, checkout this Plaid plugin: Plaid (up-to-date for OAuth) Plugin | Bubble. Support for issues like you’re having is included.

  2. That said, a few things to try:

  • make sure you set up an OAuth redirect page and populate the Redirect URI field;
  • Try formatting your Country Codes with single quotes around them, like this ‘US’, ‘CA’
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I will try this, thanks so much for the alternative

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