Wanting to be able to see what I submit?

In my app, I would like the user to be able to submit information, and then have all the information the user submitted appear on the page he/she is on. How would that work?

A simple way to achieve this would be to create a page and set its type of content to be the thing that the user is creating or changing when they submit.

Let’s say they’re creating a new thing on page one.
They hit submit.
Bubble creates a new thing using the info they submitted.
It directs them to the new page. It sends the result of step one, create a new thing, as the content.

The thing page would display whatever data you decide. You could have an edit button that redirects the user to an edit page with the same type of data- direct the user to the edit page and send the current page’s thing as the data. Make sense?

I want 2 types of data to appear all on a same page i already have built, how would that work.

Create or edit the data with a workflow. Send the result of that create/edit a thing step to the group where you want the result to display. Set the group data to the type of thing you’re editing/creating.

I suggest working through the tutorials as you’re new. They cover these concepts and will prove very useful for your growth with bubble development!

Do you know which tutorial would help the most?

They’re sequential - best to start at the top and work your way down. Then do it all over again in hard mode.

ok will do.