Help ! send a reccurent reminder

Hello, I wanted to know is it possible to send an email 24 hours before an event for example on bubble.

Example : I created an event in a calendar, can I have a workflow that sends an email 24 hours before this event? If yes how to do it ? a plugin ?

Hi there, @rayanerachid91212… yes, you can do what you described, and you don’t need a plugin. When an event is created, schedule a backend workflow to run at the event’s date/time +(hours): -24, and put an action in the backend workflow that sends the email.

Hope this helps.


Hello mike, thanks again for your help… Could you send me a screenshot of the worfklow ? because it’s the first time I use the backend. Thank you!

There is a lot of content out there about backend workflows, so you should definitely do some research and learning. In a nutshell, though…

  • Go to the Settings >> API tab and check the box to enable backend workflows.
  • Open the dropdown that shows your apps pages and click the Backend workflows option at the bottom of the dropdown.
  • Create a new API workflow and add a parameter to it that is associated with your event data type.
  • Add an action to the workflow to send an email to the event’s attendees.
  • Go to the page where you create an event and access the event-creation workflow.
  • Add a Schedule API Workflow action to the end of the event-creation workflow.
  • Schedule the workflow to run at the event’s date/time +(hours): -24 (when referring to the event, use the result of the step that created the event).
  • For the parameter that needs to be sent to the backend workflow, use the result of the step that created the event.

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