Eventbrite app: create a customized email confirmation

Hi all,
I am building an app similar to EventBrite.
What I am trying to do is sending an email of confirmation when a user subscribe to an event (the mail should provide name, date, picture of the event). I am trying to see how to do with MailChimp Extended plugin but can’t make it.
Also I would like that an email is sent 10 minutes before the event start as EventBrite is doing it but can’t also make it happen.
If anyone has a solution, thanks a lot!

I don’t know how to do it with MailChimp…but to schedule workflow actions, such as sending an email at a future date/time, you need to use backend workflows. When you have a user pay for an event, you can trigger the backend workflow and schedule it to be sent ten minutes before the event they just purchased tickets for.

I am interested to hear how others are sending images via email as it is not possible in the standard send email workflow action as far as I know.

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Not sure with Mailchimp either… but you can make an HTML template then send via Postmark or another email api service

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Use SendInBlue. This is has been the easiest external API option for formatted emails that I’ve seen.

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Just to confirm do you recommend using the plugin SendinBlue or SendinBlue SMTP ? Thanks a lot

Thanks for your help @boston85719, can you please let me know how to proceed to schedule an email in the backend workflow?

You would need to create the backend workflow and in that have the event be send email…if using an external AP like SendinBlue, I’m sure it is the same idea of creating the backend workflow and using the plugin workflow action to send the email.

Here’s a quick summary of how I set it up.

Firstly, I use these 2:
Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 5.28.33 AM

The SMTP plug in doesn’t handle contacts, so that is an important add.

As far as the SMTP plug in, I use the Template action extensively (Third action listed below).

Here’s how:

  1. Create the template in SIB. I set up a single, very generic template, with parameters for: first paragraph, second paragraph, button text and the link back to the app. SIB handles the contact info directly, so it just needs the email address for that.

  1. Then in Bubble, I set up any kind of dynamic email I want (I have 25 scenarios), and then pass the parameters accordingly using the SMTP template action.

  2. (This step is optional, but was a huge part of simplifying and organizing the 25 scenarios). I created an option set for the 25 scenarios, and included all the parameter information in the option sets. Then I just pass the relevant option set’s info in the template.

  3. I also added an opt-in feature, using a table that pairs the user with the option set.

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Further to @boston85719’s sage advice, all you need to do is create your BEWF to send the email:

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 5.46.40 AM

and then call it with the timing you desire:

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