Send a reminder a day before and 45 mins before an event


I have events where users register. I need to send one reminder to all the registered users 24 hours before the event and another 45 mins before the event.

I am having difficulty doing that on Bubble. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

All you need to do is schedule a workflow to run 45 minutes before the event starts, and send an email to the users in that workflow.

Which part are you having difficulty with?

I have created a workflow to trigger a day before and 45 mins before.

But Inside this workflow, I need to email all the users who are part of this workflow.

Is this the correct way to send email to every user associated in this workflow?

I also have another step where I am sending a WhatsApp message to the user. Can I access the result of the search performed in step 1 here?

It’s one way to do it, yes… although, as far as I know, using that action will expose all users email addresses to each recipient (I never use that action, so I’m not certain about that).

A better way, assuming the number of recipients will be fairly small (let’s say less than 100) is to run a recursive workflow to email each one individually - or you can also just run the workflow directly on the list of recipients.

If you have a much larger number of recipients (several hundred, to thousands), then look at using the Bulk email send feature of whatever email service you’re using to send your emails.

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got it, thanks