Help setting up Razorpay

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to configure Razorpay for one of my clients using the Hosted Checkout Page. During the initial API testing in the Plugin builder, the checkout page is initialized.

I can also use the HTML form to initialize the checkout page but not sure why my method is not working.

Demo page:

Some screenshots attached

Anyone might be able to help out? I’m still stuck.

Haven’t used RazorPay. For step 2, does the checkout require params that you aren’t passing? I had this with Stripe a while back. Perhaps check required params?

Well, it’s working when I test it fron the plugin editor. Just not in the app.

I think I’ll reach out to Razorpay

Hey @nocodeventure ,
I’m having trouble creating the order. Can you share a screenshot of the create order api call.
It would be really helpful.