[HELP] Simple form builder

Hello. I need to create a form building system that has four views.

For me, the hardest part here is just figuring out not how to do the UI but how to create forms and how to submit them. I understand the basic principle of having a form type, a field type and a response type. But from there I am totally confused, my only way of thinking is that I am going to be creating a response linked to each field but then I have no idea how to get the value of input within a repeating group.

Anyone with some editors or tips and tricks would be appreciated as this is being built into an already sizeable app.


Hello @cliffwoodjames

A starting point below for the database part:

Title (text)
Fields (list of fields)

Title (text)
Form (form)
Fields (list of fields)

Title (text)
Type (options set: text, number, image, dropdown, etc…)
Entry (entry)
Form (form)
Text (text)
Number (number)
Image (image)
Choices (list of choices)

Title (text)
Choice value (text)

UI part:

Repeating group with a high row where the all fields are stacked vertically an shown one at a time as needed

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Thank you for this but I am having a really hard time understanding how to have this work, do you have an editor I can preview to see how this database can be implemented?

I understand that a Form is created, then fields are created which are linked to the form. When it comes to submission I don’t know how to go from there? I imagine I will create an entry that will then get the list of fields completed - but where am I storing the actual content entered into the Entry.

I am stumped, unfortunately.

Still totally stumped! This feature is mandatory for my app!

I am just starting to look into this idea but it seems possible,

Are you stumped on the DB framework or UI to get the submission?

Are the number of fields in your form(s) static or are you trying to make everything inthe form as dynamic as possible?

Create an “option” called “mode” and set it for 4 possible states: create, submit, view-responses, view-singular. Then on your page create a global group that has a parameter that cand receive a “mode”. Then create 4 groups within that global group. None of them should be visible upon page load. All of them should be “colapsable if invisible”. For each group make a condition if mode is “create”, this element is visible (check)… and so on for the other 3. Somewhere on you app you will have the data and you only have to set the “mode” to the value that you want and everything “magically” will show accordingly. I use this for tabs, sub-menus, advanced popups, multi-format data display, … it just works.

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