Show dynamic form data in repeating group

Although templates exists I do want to create a dynamic form builder myself. Users can create form with structure which is not known.

Rendering the dynamic form seems to work. Question is about form submission, and especially how to render the submitted data for each field in a separate column.

Data will be stored in a 2 things structure:

FormSubmission thing that will store some basic data about the submission(formid,userid,datetime,etc)

SubmittedFieldData thing to store the input of the user that fills in the form (FormSubmissionId ,FieldId, FieldValue)

So any thoughts how to show the results in a grid based on a RG? And is this setup feasible for some basic reporting.

Based on the following structure an entry will be made up of fields 1 thru n. And they could be placed vertically according to a placement number in ascending order (1 thru n).

Title (text)

Form entry
Title (text)
Date (date)
Form (form)

Field type *
Title (text)

Title (text)
Placement in form entry (number)
Field type (field type)
Date value (date)
Text value (text)
File value (file)
Image value (image)
Number value (number)

  • (date, text, file, image, number)

Thanks, But want to have the fields rendered horizontally and each form submit as a record in the RG. Only way to do this is to use two nested RG’s am I right?