Form: field <-> responses


I’m trying to create forms and gather data from users based on those forms.
My database is:

Form Name - text
Sections - List of Sections

Section Name - text
Field - List of Fields

Fields: (single line, multiline, date, multichoice, dropdown etc.)
Field Name - text
Field Description - text
Field Type - text
Field Tempdata - List of text (I use it for multichoice and dropdown choice)

Answer - text

So I have a repeating group with all created forms and when I click certain form I display the form in group and sub repeating group for Sections and Fields.

For some reason I can’t figure how to gather the data (answers) from users based on one of the existing form.

The end result that I’m trying to achieve is to populate all “Request” from users with all of the answers for every field for every form I have as a “template”

I suspect you’re running into trouble because it’s hard to get form data out of a repeating group. I suspect the root challenge for Bubble is that when running a workflow it doesn’t know which cell in the RG to grab the data from (since there are multiple fields with the same name in the RG). So, until Bubble finds a more direct solution, here are two workarounds:

  1. Don’t use a RG, but instead have multiple groups of fields that are simply copy/pasted. It’s tedious to go this route, but gets the job done.
  2. Set the inputs in the form to auto-bind to the corresponding value in the database. This way, the values update as users type them in (so it avoids having a workflow input the data into the database which doesn’t work well with RGs)

I hope this helps.

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Thank you very much.
What I really struggle is more how to right down those answers in database so I can then attach them to the specific form, section and fields is they need to change any of the answers. I hope I explain it right.

If I add data in my database Answers with:

  1. Answer - text
  2. Fields - Field
    how to display those answers for this template form with “x” number of sections and “x” number of fileds.

I tried to connect it to specific Form, or fields but for some reason the logic is broken in my head.


I share here my app with database.

How to get all of the answer for this “FORM1” and display them in the repeating group, that is all I need help for.

A little correction.
The Fors has dynamic sections and fields and I need to gather ‘requests’ from the users and attach them to this dynamic form,section and fields.

Could you please give me your expert opinion?

Is your goal to have Multiple answers to this form?

Or will one Form only ever be filled out once?

If there will be multiple answers to this form, we will need an ‘Answer’ Data Type.
If not, then we can save the Answer directly on the Field

Thank you very much for you reply.
I need multiple answers
I have nine different type of fields -single line, multiline, multicgoice, drop-down, date, yes/no etc which I defined on the form creation and as you can figure are dynamic.
I just can’t figure it out how to gather answers for those form which I use as ‘templates’ and display those answers in other page which I can go alone.
The only way I made working is by copy the form,section and fields

And from there to use ’ when change’ option but is too much data

Hmm, not 100% for your exact use case, but I just went in and made some Data and Workflow changes for how I would setup a Dynamic form such as this

This is amazing logic.
This is the place where I got confused and can’t figure it out.

So you create for those four fields four answers using ‘create new’ workflow option and from there you use ‘when data change’ option if for some reason the user decide to make changes on the answers.
From there you are using RG to visualize the fields and answers. So far so good.
The big question for me is what would you do when you have already have the answers created and you need to create new answers and using this form as a template and associate them the way you did for the first four answers and from there to show them in the last repeating group as a separate answers (associate it with the fields).
I tried to explain it the best way I know.
Thanks again for your time.

You will also need to have a ‘Form Submission’ Data Type to save the Answers to. Then every time a User starts to fill out a Form Template, you will have a Form Submission created for them and save their Answers to it.

I quickly added to the example to show how I would set it up. You can save Form Submissions to a specific User or another data type depending on your specific app

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Thank you so much for your help.
That is the end result I’m seeking so thanks again.
Now I have to follow your logic and implement it in my app.

Turns out and if you don’t mind could you please explain the logic behind the solution, because in my case is a little different.
I don’t have in the same page Group and RG for “Form Submission” (as you define it) and as far as I see you using both of this element to the workflow.

When Input value is chnanged you create new Answer from there
you make a change to Group with “Form Submission” and etc

How would you do it if this element was not on this page.
How did you find this particular FormSubmission - maybe on the first step you add “Associated Form Submission”

You need to reference a Form Submission in some way, if it is not on the page anywhere, it could be saved to the Current User. Or it could be just on the Page as a Custom State.

If it is on a User, add a field on the User Data Type called ‘Current Form Submission’ (type: Form Submission), and when they go to that page you create the Submission and assign it to the User.

Then instead of referencing Group Form Submissions’ Answers, you would reference Current User’s Current Form Submission’s Answers

I managed to do it with custom state.
I really appreciate your help.