Help: Sorry, your login session has changed / expired

I have seen this topic come up a few times in the forum but have not seen a suitable solution for it. The best answer we have is to clear cache (which seems to work), but that doesn’t feel like a reasonable thing to ask users (especially customers) of an app to do. My users have been completely locked out and / or unable to take any action within my app, including logging out to start a new session. I’m fortunate that these have been employees to this point, but if / when our clients experience this issue asking them to clear cache doesn’t doesn’t seem like a professional request.

Does anyone have an alternative to clearing cache for this bug/issue?


Do your Users see a popup that says “Sorry, your login session has changed/expired”? After that do they just log in again? What is the bug?

Hey @Kamp

I think I used to see this issue when I was trying to log in when I was already logged in. I fixed my issue by just automatically going to the page that I want them to go to if they are already logged in on page load.

Does that make sense? Are you doing this already? You think that might be what is happening?

Hope we can help you out. I never get that message any more. :blush:

Yes. That is the popup they see. They are seeing it when they come back to the app and have remained logged in from a previous session. They are actually unable to logout and log back in…the popup appears when they hit the logout button.

Thanks @J805. The issue is actually happening most frequently when a user is already logged in, and is trying to take any action (even logout).

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I wonder if the page has been open too long and they might need to refresh the page. Does that normally fix it?

Hi @Kamp,

I have experienced this issue. In my perspective, this happens because the user’s data has already been deleted, but the user is still logged in. Alternatively, it could be because we copied the data from the development environment to the live environment, which replaced all of the user’s data, causing the old user login session to become invalid.

Thanks for your feedback. We are able to resolve the issue for our employees when they clear cache. I just don’t want to have to ask our clients to do that if / when this error occurs for them.

I don’t believe is a dev vs. live data issue as the users experiencing the issue were never dev / test users…they were created after the app was in production.

Thanks again!

This happens on Safari and some other browsers because of security reasons. You just have to “do not set cookies” in your settings.

@doug.burden Thank you! I have updated that setting and will see if this resolves my issue,.

Much appreciated.

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