Help to show a list data separately

Dear all,
I need help in order to show datas of a list separately, a report line for each one.
I’ve created a “thing” in a database as a list, like this flow.

In the table record appears like this.

When I show this in a page, appears like this.

But I would like that appears like this. Cell beside cell, in line. One line for each set of data.

How can I do that, please?

Many thanks in advance!

Hey @solutomn

With your current configuration you need 2 repeating groups to display it like you want. You need to use the data source Current Declaracao importacao’s Adicao_Cod for the first one and Current Declaracao importacao’s Adicao_Name for the second one.

However this may cause issues, and best practice would be to change your data structure to only have 1 RG:

  1. Create a data type “Pais”, with two fields “Adicao_Cod” (of type number) and “Adicao_Name” (of type text)
  2. Create a field “Pais” (of type list of Pais) in your data type “Declaracao importacao”
  3. You should have a workflow when a User informs a Adicao_Cod and Adicao_Name for a country:
  • Step 1: Create a new Pais with Adicao_Cod and Adicao_Name values
  • Step 2: Make changes to Declaracao importacao > Pais add Result of Step 1
  1. Create a RG on your page, and set the data source to Current Page Declaracao importacao’s Pais. Insert 2 fields in the first cell: Current cell’s Adicao_Cod and Current cell’s Adicao_Name

Hope this helps

Thanks so much, @ambroisedlg
I hope too.
I’ll try it and give to you a feedback.

Hi @ambroisedlg
Your help get me great successful… many, many thanks for that!
However, there is a detail that I forgot to mention.
I’m bringing these data from an external database MySQL, through a query that’s searchs in two tables there and show all these datas in a repeating group.
One of these tables storges main datas of a Import Declaration (field name ‘Numero DI’ in the image), and the other one, storages items (field name ‘Seq. Adição’ in the image) of this Import Declaration. The databse relation betwen them is: 1 import declaration contains 1 or more items.
My issue is that I have to click in each item to save (creat a thing) in the bubble’s database. But some times there are 100 or more items for a only import declaration and would be tiredless for the user to click in each one. My application would be descarted in the first tryout.
Is there any way to save all of import declarations and their items with a only action click?
I’m using a free plan.
I hope you may guide me to solve it.
I did a short video: and attached a image.
Best Regards,
André (Solutomn)

Hey @solutomn

You’re welcome happy to help. The first thing that comes to mind is scheduling an API workflow on a list in order to individually create single items from a list of items - however I never had the chance to import from a MySQL database yet, so I’m not aware of any difference there would be in the process. Not sure I’m the most suited to answer your question to be honest - your best option is to open a new topic for this

Btw if you’re on a free plan you wouldn’t be able to run backend workflows

Hy @ambroisedlg,
Is exactly this problem. I’m on a free plan.
And… due the COVID-19 crisis I don’t have financial resources in assume a commitment to pay a plan every month during a year.
But is ok. I gonna think some thing.
Thanks a lot again to your help.

Hi @ambroisedlg,
I really do apologize.
I said it was a success, but I realized that something went wrong, and I don’t know how to fix it. Could you can help me again? :worried:
My workflow looks like this:

  1. I create a thing called “Declaração Importação” by recording a field “DI_numero” (of type number) and other fields that are not important, in this case.
    In the table I have another field called “DI_Adicao” of the list type (which will receive, ahead, several items of “Declaração Adição”); Then 1 “Declaração Importação” will contain 1 or more “Declaração Adição”.

  2. I create the thing called “Declaração Adição” recording only the fields “Adicao_Num_Sq” and “Adciao_NumDI” that will store, respectively, the sequence of the item “Declaração Adição” and the number of the Import Declaration to which it belongs.
    In the table I have other fields of the list type (which will receive, afterwards, values ​​of taxes and fees to be added in “Declaração Adição”; Then, 1 “Declaração Adição” will contain a list of each one (Adicao_Pais, Adicao_Val_COFINS, Adicao_Val_II and Adicao_Val_IPI)

  3. Next, I create one thing for each tax or fee, where each will have the field “Adicao_Num_Sq” and its value field (Val_COFINS, Val_Pais, …); Then 1 of each will be part of 1 “Declaração Adição”.

  4. Then I make changes to the thing “Declaração Adição”, adding the contents of the tables Pais, Imp_COFINS, Imp_II, Imp_IPI, Imp_PIS, in the lists Adicao_Pais, Adicao_Val_COFINS, Adicao_Val_II, Adicao_Val_IPI and Adicao_PIS. In a case where I have 3 “Declaração Adição”, I am adding the results from the these previous steps into the first item, and I think it is due to what I wrote in “Thing of change”. But I don’t know how to fix it, that is, what to choose to replace the term “first item”.

Thanks a lot!
André Solutomn

Hey @solutomn, it seems you’re creating the Declaracao Adicao in step 2 of your workflow? Is that the same one you’re trying to Make changes to? If so, you could just replace the Thing to change to Result of Step 2

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Many thanks @ambroisedlg