Trigger custom event when data changes ONLY if change value is +

Hi guys, is there a way to only “trigger a custom event when data changes” for a number field, when the change is postive.

I have users with Coins, when they earn Coins there is a notification. But they can also spend coins, thats why when the field is changing in both “-” and “+” value currently the notification is triggered, but it should only trigger when “+” is added.
(I cannot use backend workflows because I need to show an alert message element).

Ideas for trigger ONLY WHEN … ?

Hi there, @bubble48… there might be a better way to do this, but I made an example that does what you described by adding a custom state into the mix. When the page is loaded, I set a custom state (number) to the current user’s coin balance. Then, I added a condition on the action within the custom event (not on the Trigger a custom event when data changes action itself) to show the notification only when the user’s new coin balance is greater than the custom state’s value. Make sense?

As I mentioned, I have a working example, so if you need some screenshots to make things clearer, just let me know.

Hope this helps.


Wow sounds smart. Would be great if you share screenshots.

The example is pretty simple. I have a coins (number) field on the User data type, and I added a custom state (number) called current coins balance to the index page.

Again, being a simple example, I am doing everything through a Page is loaded workflow event. When the page is loaded, I set the custom state’s value to the Current user's coins. Then, I use the Trigger a custom event when data changes action to call the custom event that shows the notification when a user’s coins balance is increased. Finally, I make changes to the current user and increase their coins balance by 10.

In the custom event, here is the condition that shows the notification only when the user’s coins balance has increased.

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Nice. Very elegant!! thx

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