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Help! User data not updating when using the Log a User in option

Hoping for some help for a Newbie!

Everything was working great but today I cannot see the new user data of sign-ups. I am using the Bubble Sign a User up option when the sign up.

When a new user signs up, the details do not show in the Data Table in Bubble. When I export the CSV file the user details are in there and the user can log in. BUT - just not in the actual data table?

Why would this be? It was working fine previously.

Any guidance appreciated.

Hi there, @amy2… the first thing that comes to mind is your browser zoom. There is a well-known issue that if your zoom is not set to 100%, you won’t see your data on the App data tab. If it’s not related to your browser zoom, maybe post some screenshots so we can try to figure out what’s going on.


Complementing what @mikeloc said…

Remember that you can see just the first 50 rows of your database. To see more you need to click in the bottom right:

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Thanks for the responses.
@mikeloc I did check the zoom and all is good with that.

@rpetribu I have only one entry in the database as a user as I am testing at the moment. When I try to add more nothing comes up. Previously I had about 5 ’ users’ with all the data rows showing. I will update some screenshots shortly.

Other thing that came to me is that you can be adding users in live-version and checkin your development database…

Did you already tried to register them directly in your database? Manually?

Thanks @rpetribu

I haven’t published the site to live yet, so I don’t think it can be that - I did look at the Live version (although not published) to see - but there is no data there either.

However, before I could not see the USER data and now I cannot see ANY data in any of my data types? But - the details are showing up on the front end of the site, so they must be there somewhere. Really lost on what is happening here? I recently connected my URL to Bubble - could this be causing an issue?

I wanted to show the workflow i had created for the Sign Up, but now Bubble won’t show me any of Workflow!!! Not sure what is going on ??


so…i logged out and in again…and it’s all there!

Thank you for the help - Cannot believe it was a log out and in issue!!