User created but can't see in database

I created a user in the database directly by using “new entry” button instead of singing up a user through the front end.

Now I can’t see that new user in the databse of web version. However, when I download the list of users as an Excel file I can see that user. How can I remove the hidden user from the database?

refresh the browser tab…for some reason Bubble is not updating data effectively on users while they are created and you are in the editor…I’ve seen this consistently over the past 5 days or so

Yep… in order to see new Users, you need to manually refresh the editor. And the same is true for seeing new users on pages in your app (the page needs to be refreshed before they appear).

This started happening for me about 4 weeks ago (as I mentioned here: Realtime User Data not working - Bugs - Bubble Forum)

New Users will not appear, either in the App Editor Data Tab, nor on a Page, until the Editor or Page is refreshed.

I’m certain this was never the case before, until a few weeks ago.

But I’ve been in touch with Bubble’s support about this, and they said this is a known issue, and it’s not possible for new Users to appear in the editor, or on a page, in real-time without it being refreshed.

Specifically, they said:

Thanks a lot for waiting! I was able to hear back from the Engineering Team and it looks like this is a known issue on our end where this occurs solely for the user datatype.

To provide you with some context, when a user signs up for an app for the first time, we don’t refresh the searches that depend on the user type. User sign-up is different from creating a new record of another data type. In those cases, the searches are updated with no additional work. However, with user datatype, it is slightly different as we would have to consider the temp that would need to be converted to a signed-up user. Due to the involvement of the complex logic with the user’s sign-up on the backend, we have marked it as a planned fix going forward.

If needed to see the user sign up directly on the app data, you would need to refresh the page manually.

This has definitely not been the case until recently. Seems strange the engineering team did not specify what changes to the system they made that caused this to happen now, or why they are pushing off implementing a fix for it. I hope they are not just too busy with AI stuff that their resources are stretched too thin to fix bugs.