Help! when Creating a thing bubble clears all the users input fields

when i create a thin all previous input fields are cleared is it possible to change this?

It should only do that if you have “reset inputs” workflow step ?

i know, i do not understand what is happening. is there anything that i could have done that creates this issue?

Yes, several things. Are you doing a page redirect?

you mean to another external page?

No, to the same page?

Can you share the page?

i have tried a lot of things, but it seems to be something with my next and back buttons.
if you want to fill in the input fields during the moment you are filling in the items they are sometimes also cleared.

i’m running out of options.

can you spot my issue? its on the index page

I located the problem but i don’t know why it happens, its on the remove step workflow and then the actions when i set the state

so i what i already found is that my back button gets isnt clickable when because of the remove steps ( set state) but the thing is, even if i say that that workflow can only start when im on page 4 (step x) it should not have this issue.

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