Help with a list

Good day people, I am brand new to this program and trying to create a list. Seem simple but hear me out. The list would have 5 words that are user generated. The word would be displayed on screen. When a 6th word is entered it replaces the fifth word and shuffles the other 4 into the remaining positions. For example: dog, cat, bird, turtle, bear- input= cow, now the list reads cat, bird, turtle, bear, cow. I would also like to store all the inputted data in a excel sheet or somewhere to compile at a later date. If you can help me out that would be great!

Hey @jared.donauer - welcome to the platform. Here’s what I’d do to create and show that list.

  1. Create your word input flow (input and button).
  2. Save a new thing (word) each time someone enters a word and hits the button.
  3. That will create a list of words.
  4. Create a repeating group and set your data source to: Do a search for (whatever you’ve called your word object).
  5. In that popup, set the sort to created date with descending marked to “yes”.
  6. Once you’ve set that, add two last arguments after “Do a search for” - those will be.
  7. “Items until 5” and
  8. Sort by: created date with the descending this time set to “no”.

There might be a more efficient way to produce this same list using the original “Do A Search For” function, but this will work. The way I’d probably set it up if you’re planning to have long lists is to have hidden repeating group on the page (I put mine in a popup) that runs all the words in descending order, then run my visible repeating group off that list with "Items until 5, sorted by creation date, with descending marked as “no”. In my apps, I have long lists and I find that separating these out and filtering them down seems to help with performance.

Good luck here and happy Bubbling.

Hey Brian thanks for your reply and information! I’m just having a problem now with the last two arguments. I can add the “items until 5” but I can’t figure out where to put the “sorted by”. After I input the 5 it doesn’t give me that option. Maybe I looking in the wrong area.

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