Help with an app idea by a doctor working for the UK National Health Service

Dear Bubble team

I am UK doctor working In the National Health Service.

The NHs is an organisation which is not known for advances in technology!

Anyhow I have no knowledge of coding and came across a Ted talk mentioning you guys.

My request is very basic. I am wanting to produce an APP for my obstetric colleagues in the UK that shares Obstetric surgical procedures.

There is an app on iPhone App Store called medical surgical procedures.

I want something like this, but I want to make it more interactive by adding diagrams and videos for each of the procedures.

Can anyone guide me.

Kindest regards

Dr Saima Sharif

Hi @drsaimasharif,
Welcome to the bubble family.
If i may ask where will your source of information (videos, diagrams, texts) be coming from.
Will you be pulling it from some existing website, or you have the materials that you will be hosting on some website and making them available to your app.
If your main focus is just to create an app, and since your information will be static data and there will be minimal interaction aside just navigation, clicking and showing information, i feel there might be better tools suited to this specific case than bubble (e.g. you can check But if you expect to have some level of user and data management then you can use bubble as the backend to manage your data and users and something like dropsource to quickly create a more native mobile app.
Again it will all depend on what the requirements of your application is.
I’m personally interested in medical applications so you can message me and maybe i might have some ideas how to approach this.
By the way can you share a link to the app you mentioned above so i can have an idea what you’re thinking of.

Best regards and happy bubbling.

Dear Sean Hoots.

I am very new to all this! So grateful and Very kind of you to help.

The link to app mentioned is below :

Medical and Surgical Procedures Free by Syed Muhammad Salman Shah

The sources will be our own written diagrams and will make our own videos. But to clarify if we were to use videos from other sources are we breech of copyright??

This is where I lack the knowledge of what I can and cannot use.


Dr Sharif

Ok i looked at the app and it seems straightforward static information pages.
For something like that, bubble will be an overkill.
But If you’re going to need some kind of user management, e.g. user registration and login, then you could use bubble as the backend to do that.

Great. In this case you will have to determine how you will be serving this information to the app.
You could use bubble to build some kind of admin interface where you will be entering the information and you could make api calls from the front-end to access the data. For videos and pictures you may have to decide where to host them.
One design i’ve seen with similar apps with multimedia data is they have a way for users to download some of materials onto their phones for smooth viewing and offline viewing.
For videos you can easily host them on any video site, even youtube and display them in a vebview in your app. A webview is bascially a way to wrap a normal site so it can be displayed in the app. For example you could even build the whole application including the front-end in bubble and wrap it in a webview for the mobile app.
All these are not difficult to do and there are tons of information on this forum and people are really helpful on this forum too.
I’m not sure what your intention is, whether you want to get your hands dirty yourself and dig into bubble and get some assistance along the line or you want someone to help you build it.
Whatever your plan is you will find help here.

That will depend on the source. Some of the materials may be copyrighted and you not be allowed to use it. Some may allow to use for non-commercial purpose. You will have to find some of the sources and see their copyright policies.

Dear @seanhoots

This is the first time I have done anything like this so I will need a lot of guidance and patience.

This is for non profit. If you have medical connections especially in the NHS you will understand I am doing this to spread very valuable knowledge s and skills to deliver safe patient care.

It may seem a simple task but is all quite overwhelming for me but I am so keen to learn as the specialty I am in is very keen to digitalise as they say lots of areas in my speciality.

Where do I start with this simple project, how do I connect the bubble and webinar?

Dear @drsaimasharif

I have two family members working as doctors in the NHS so I can definitely sympathize with the need for this type of app! Even more so in remote areas in places like South Africa, Nepal and most of West Africa where distances between medical centres are far and the quality of care abysmal. I’d be happy to take on the app production for you as part of your team. The medical videos and graphics I can’t assist with though.

As an aside, I would suggest doing the MVP in Bubble, but moving to a client-side rendering set up later on, which will be faster and negate the need for the user to have a permenant internet connection.

You can contact me directly -