🇺🇦 Dev help needed: Medical App to assist in Ukraine

Bubble community.

can anyone help with an app to save lives?

I am a medical doctor based in the UK and have spent my career delivering emergency care to conflict zones and austere environments. I have been asked to assist in disseminating free-to-access medical training aimed at giving non-medical responders (mainly civilians and untrained persons) the simple skills and knowledge needed to save lives when confronted by a casualty. I have previously published work on a simple system for this ( https://militaryhealth.bmj.com/content/167/3/206 )

My immediate thought is a simple app that gives both video and text training.
i have the content however have yet to learn how to use bubble and therefore am asking this community if they could help quickly develop something. I have the content but not the dev skills (yet!). i have created something similar in the middle east a while back and it worked well and helped me realise the required features (offline content download, direct APK share, large buttons, text subtitles, etc)

Bubble have kindly agreed to provide a free pro account to host the app.

I think this could be a way to quickly help many people at scale. :ukraine:

happy to chat further through this forum or via email/phone.


Hereford? :flushed: :shushing_face:

Will share on Twitter. Can’t help until next Friday, but will get in contact then if needed.

Hello Jack,

I’ll like to help out in getting this rolled out with assistance with others.

How do we start?

Let me know what I can do to help. Happy to push my consult meetings out of the way to assist here.

I could help out a bit - maybe an hour a day.

Happy to hop in as well.

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This is an awesome idea :slight_smile:

Happy to help


Full time web developer here-- I’d also love to help. Sent you a PM.


Thankyou so so much for your generous offers and advice. Let’s do this!

The actions taken in the first few minutes of injury make the difference between those with potentially survivable injuries living and dying. Unfortunately, its often untrained bystanders that are nearest to respond.

My heart says it would be great to have a collaborative development approach but my head says that this may be difficult.


It’s not always easy to do collaborative dev in Bubble. But I would suggest you could find people with specific skill sets to build out that particular portion (just not at same time)

So for instance, a UX/UI person to design, then a solid developer to design database architecture and workflows, then if there are any external integrations you might get an API expert, or maybe someone with some javascript knowledge if something tricky needs to be achieved.

You mentioned offline capabilities (i.e read data offline, not create)…in which case you might need someone who knows about service workers or a particular wrapper that allows this.

Hi Jack!

Great initiative. Would love to help out if there is room for more hands.


  • Get it out there asap, just the bare minimum and continue adding stuff after that. This is not only related to app functionality, since your app is content heavy and production of material might be the actual bottleneck.

  • Register a domain now.

  • Could Bubble sponsor so you get a Private/Product account free of charge?

Best, Peter

Hi Jack,

Would love to help designing and building this app.
Pls let me know your email/phone to discuss this.



Great advice. Totally agree an imperfect MVP is the way forward. Early benefit when it is needed.

I haven’t registered a domain as I feel an app rather than site has more use (ability to access content offline, easier interface if used in an emergency, etc)

You are right, content is a limiting factor however this also will initially be quickly produced (I have most videos) and can be refined later on.

The concept to make this agnostic to events appeals as there may be utility in providing this to people globally- however the immediate focus is Ukrainian .

Yes. Let’s discuss.


Let’s chat


I see you want to content to be viewable when the phone is off line. That is not possible to do using Bubble, sorry.

Best, Peter

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thanks again- useful to know upfront. seems a shame!

Maybe the connection to Internet is not down, just poor. In that case a solutions with images with text (like on aeroplanes) is lighter to load.

I hope you are doin great!

Please check DM.

You can’t build native apps with bubble - you will need a web app and then to wrap it to put it on the app stores. It’s still essentially your web app. So you’ll need a domain unless you want a bubble default one…plus you’d at least need a landing page for an app :wink:

Accessing content offline is tricky with bubble, but some offline content can be achieved by using a wrapper that allows this or a service worker. You’d need someone experienced with this.

Hey jack2,

I am very keen to contribute. After reading this thread, it seems there are a lot of people interested in helping and perhaps the difficulty lies in establishing responsibilities, skills needed, funding for domain/app creation, etc.

I would love to discuss:

  1. where you might be in this project (Bubble offers discounts to Non-profits already, I think this might apply to this realm).
  2. Assist in working out a project management structure
  3. Discuss a plan to host a call with everyone interested in this
  4. Establish a timeline that we can run with.

I believe this is a very important initiative and if we can get everyone organized I think we can move quickly and effectively to get this done!

Please shoot me a DM if you’d like and we can figure out how to align all of the people and resources that are interested in this!

Looking forward to hearing form you, take care Jack!