Help with API workflow scheduling

Been trying to figure this out and thought I had it cracked, but hit a problem…

I’m trying to send out a weekly email to Users with a subscribed=yes field.

So on my front-end admin console I have a button ‘Schedule Emails’ - this schedules an ‘API Workflow on a list’ called ‘BC-send-emails’ for tomorrow to iterate the list of Users and send the email.
So, for the sake of argument, I have 3 users with subscribed=yes.

At my back-end I have my API workflow called ‘BC-send-emails’. Step 1 sends the email. Step 2 re-schedules this workflow to run 7 days later.

It works correctly on the first run (from the button), but the the problem is that Step 2 in my back-end workflow is obviously being run 3 times resulting in each email being scheduled and sent 3 times on the second run - so a total of 9 emails on second run, 27 on third, etc!

What to do? Sorry this is my first attempt at backend workflows…
I’m on the paid Starter plan by the way.

Hey! You can create a backend workflow which is the Parent (example). Now you should ideally run the Parent workflow daily. Add another backend workflow called Child and trigger this from the Parent workflow (Schedule API workflow on a list)

This way, the parent is called once each day, which in turn, calls the child once a day for all items on the list.

Let me know if this approach makes sense.

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Wonderful! Tested it using 10 minute intervals and works like a champ. Many thanks for your help @Zeroic! :+1:t2:

Awesome! Glad I was able to help :smile:

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