How to schedule a daily email to be sent only to each new subscribers

Hi everyone,
I’m building a list of subscribers and I need to send each new subscriber one email a day for about 7 days. For now, there are 7 different emails,
So, One email a day needs to be sent to every new subscriber for about 7 days.
I’m having a problem setting up the API Workflow to send those emails daily
When testing - Instead of setting the scheduled date to a daily events, I tried setting it up on every 30 seconds and it works fine, but when I used the daily setting, I only get the immediate 1st email sent!!
I’m sure I’m messing something within this process…!
Any help will be really appreciate it…
Here are few screenshots:

Normally, they must appeared on the workflows scheduled logs. Any results there? If not, maybe your plan? If the case, you have to check everyday for email to send (in a loop), and react on it.


Thank you so much JohnMark,
Yes I have a Personal account and I found all the scheduled tasks at Logs/Scheduler/Show here is the screenshot of it:

So, once those scheduled tasks are showing there, the server should futile all the tasks according to their dates?
The reason why I’m asking is because When I was testing it I received the first email only and nothing was sent to me on the other days!
Is there away to know if all the emails have been sent?
Thank you.

I was expected that :slight_smile:
You can track the ID of each schedule items, and remove it (in case you need to cancel someone). Your first schedule is for tonight at 10:29pm :slight_smile:

You can send cci your own email or look at the log if it sent.

Even though I have only a Personal Bubble account do you think I can still have these API Workflows running daily?
As per the screen shot you sent me earlier, I shouldn’t have the option of API Workflow running daily ( but only Monthly)?

What you see (hopefully) is what you get. Let me know. Not sure if Bubble removed that condition (as you have them on your screen without any warnings).

Good to know.
Thank you so much for all your help.

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